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Government to Government

Office of the Deputy Chief Secretary (Financial Management)

Preparation of Annual Cash Statement and Revenue Expenditure Estimates on the requests of the relevant Accounting Officers and the Chief Accounting Officers.
Provision of provisions by a supplementary estimate in case the allocations made by the annual financial statement are not sufficient.
Issuing the required Imprest for the Ministries, Departments and Divisional Secretariats of the Provincial Councils.
F.R. 30 to F.R. 33 Allocation of funds allocated from the Annual Statement as per requirement as per 33
Providing recurrent provisions relevant to the Vehicle Revenue Licensing Division of the Divisional Secretariats.
Preparing monthly expenditure reports and submitting them to the Public Finance Commission, Ministry of Provincial Councils and Local Government and the Treasury.
Preparing the annual final account and submitting it for audit and providing necessary information to the Auditor General’s Department.
Financial Advice on behalf of Provincial Ministries and Departments.
Issuing circulars related to accounts.
Ordering and distributing common forms as required by the Provincial Council Institutions.
Imposition, amendment and monitoring of financial rules.
Provincial property administration.
Maintaining the audit inquiry list and reporting the progress.

Office of the Chief Secretary

  • Maintaining the cleanliness and safety of the Provincial Council complex.
  • All matters relating to letters received to the Chief Secretary, pertaining to development activities of all Provincial Ministries and Departments.
  • Activities relating to maintenance the Provincial Council Complex and the Restaurant Bill payments.
  • Preparation the budget speech & control report and preparation & provide  of census reports.
  • Matters relating to parliamentary questions and provincial council Questions
  • Responds to the audit queries and follow up.
  • Matters relating to requests of Council Secretariat and responds to the committee reports.
  • Responds to the letters receiving from Finance Commission
  • Coordinating Activities relating to Meetings,Seminars,Discussions & Celebrations.
  • Accepting Circulars to the province issued by the Central government.
  • Responds to the quarries receiving from Parliamentary Committee, Public Petitions Committee, Ombudsman, Human Rights Commission Affairs &  related to issues raised by the Commission to Investigate Allegations of Bribery or Corruption
  • Arranging  secretary’s meetings.
  • Maintenance of  vehicles coming  under the Deputy Chief Secretary
  • Activities relating to acquisition of lands
  • Functions relating to the Ranaviru Festival and related activities relating to the sale of Ranaviru Flags

Office of the Deputy Chief Secretary (Personnel & Training)

  • Provide various trainings yo create qualitative government service
  • Balance the provincial cadre which helps decision making process
  • Make placements of employees who are appointed (except education and health sector)
  • Preparing Citizen Charter that helps the process
  • Maintaining information on the details of personnel attached to the Sabaragamuwa Provincial Council

Department of Internal Audit


  • Evaluating the existing system of internal adopted controls and cheeks adorted by the institutions and introduction of new procedures where.
  • Vouching of expenditure and verification of assets.
  • Carry out special investigations whenever necessary.
  • Assist in progress reviews of the development programmes.

Governor's Office

  • Accounting the income received fromthe sale of Ranaviru Flags and crediting same to the Ranaviru Seva Authority.
  • Organizing the Provincial Ranaviru Ceremony to commemorate the war heroes in line with the National Ranaviru Day.

Department of Provincial Revenue

  • Conversion of stamp duty to the local authorities.
  • Notice that requests have been received relevant to the Right to Information act.
  • Supplying relevant information.
  • Appeals made relevant to the information act.
  • Assessment of state assets under the public asset management program on request.

Ministry of Land, Provincial Irrigation, Agriculture, Animal Production, Animal Health and Fisheries

  • Increasing the extent of government cultivated lands
  • Increasing GDP
  • Shouldering to increase the fish harvest in the country
  • Solving unemployment through self-employment generation
  • Creating food security in the country
  • Minimize land issues in the country
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