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Government to Government

Governor's Office

  • Accounting the income received fromthe sale of Ranaviru Flags and crediting same to the Ranaviru Seva Authority.
  • Organizing the Provincial Ranaviru Ceremony to commemorate the war heroes in line with the National Ranaviru Day.

Office of the Chief Secretary

  • Maintaining the cleanliness and safety of the Provincial Council complex.
  • All matters relating to letters received to the Chief Secretary, pertaining to development activities of all Provincial Ministries and Departments.
  • Activities relating to maintenance the Provincial Council Complex and the Restaurant Bill payments.
  • Preparation the budget speech & control report and preparation & provide  of census reports.
  • Matters relating to parliamentary questions and provincial council Questions
  • Responds to the audit queries and follow up.
  • Matters relating to requests of Council Secretariat and responds to the committee reports.
  • Responds to the letters receiving from Finance Commission
  • Coordinating Activities relating to Meetings,Seminars,Discussions & Celebrations.
  • Accepting Circulars to the province issued by the Central government.
  • Responds to the quarries receiving from Parliamentary Committee, Public Petitions Committee, Ombudsman, Human Rights Commission Affairs &  related to issues raised by the Commission to Investigate Allegations of Bribery or Corruption
  • Arranging  secretary’s meetings.
  • Maintenance of  vehicles coming  under the Deputy Chief Secretary
  • Activities relating to acquisition of lands
  • Functions relating to the Ranaviru Festival and related activities relating to the sale of Ranaviru Flags

Office of the Deputy Chief Secretary (Personnel & Training)

  • Provide various trainings yo create qualitative government service
  • Balance the provincial cadre which helps decision making process
  • Make placements of employees who are appointed (except education and health sector)
  • Preparing Citizen Charter that helps the process
  • Maintaining information on the details of personnel attached to the Sabaragamuwa Provincial Council
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