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Government to Employee

Governor's Office

  • Matters pertaining to approvals for special allowances.
    Granting approvals for Schemes of Recruitment.
  • Extension of services on contract basis.
  • Matters pertaining to approvals for overseas leave.
  • Matters pertaining to Employees Provident Fund.
  • Matters pertaining to approvals in respect of the implementation of line Ministry circulars
  • Matters pertaining to the preparation and payment of salaries of the staff.
  • Matters pertaining to appointments, promotions, transfers, granting of salary increments, retirement of Ministry Secretaries & Deputy Chief Secretaries.
  • Matters pertaining to the appeals submitted by the Public Officers.

Office of the Chief Secretary

  • Disciplinary activities of employees who come under the Disciplinary authority of chief secretary
  • Activities relating to maintaining personal files of all officers/employees coming under the purview of the Chief Secretary (All Island servies/ Development Officers / MA / IT /Tax officer/ Technical Officer / Auditor-Inspector and the Receptionist
  • coordinating Disciplinary actions relating to officers of all Island services
  • Identifying training requirments of the Officers of the chief secretary

Office of the Deputy Chief Secretary (Personnel & Training)

  • Provide training and workshops that are directly related to the designation.
  • Publishing and approving Foreign scholarships and related affairs
  • Managing Cadre information System that helps to balance the cadre of province
  • Issuing Office Identity Cards for every officers of Provincial Council
  • Giving educational leaves and course fees to participate  external training programs
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