Chief Secretary's Office

We manage and guide officers of the provincial council services and all island services. All of the Sabaragamuwa provincial officers administration tasks are monitored by our institute like transfers, Disciplinary actions, local vacations etc.. We are the core institute of the province. All of the Sabaragamuwa provincial officers administration tasks are monitored by our institute like transfers, Disciplinary actions, local vacations etc.

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Chief Secretary's Office
Block C - 2nd Floor
Sabaragamuwa Provincial Council Complex
New Town
Sri Lanka






Mrs. D.M. Malani

Chief Secretary




Mrs.Sunethra Gunawardhana

Deputy Chief Secretary (Administration) 



Information Act - Responsive Officers

Designated Officer

Mrs.Sunethra Gunawardhana

Deputy Chief Secretary – (Administration)  

Mobile : +9471-6891112

Phone : +94452228414

Fax : +9445222279

Information Officer

Mrs. U.A.S.I.Gunasinha

Administrative Officer (Act.)

Mobile : +94702695464

Phone : +94452223080

Fax : +94452222793


Government to Citizen

Chief Secretary's Office

  • Respond to requests Under Information  Act of no 12 of 2016
  • JICA, Asian Bank, World Bank Funded Projects, Inter Village Programs, Programs, District Committees coordinating activities
  • Matters relating to public complaints
  • Activities relating to public petitions received through Presidential Secretariat the Prime Minister’s Office and other institutes
  • Matters pertaining to prepare the language plan and implement the Language policy relevant to the Chief Secretariat
  • Presidential scholarship coordinating activities
  • Dengue prevention and control of garbage in the Provincial Council Complex

Government to Employee

Chief Secretary's Office

  • Disciplinary activities of employees who come under the Disciplinary authority of chief secretary
  • Activities relating to maintaining personal files of all officers/employees coming under the purview of the Chief Secretary (All Island servies/ Development Officers / MA / IT /Tax officer/ Technical Officer / Auditor-Inspector and the Receptionist
  • coordinating Disciplinary actions relating to officers of all Island services
  • Identifying training requirments of the Officers of the chief secretary

Government to Business

Chief Secretary's Office


Government to Government

Chief Secretary's Office

  • Maintaining the cleanliness and safety of the Provincial Council complex.
  • All matters relating to letters received to the Chief Secretary, pertaining to development activities of all Provincial Ministries and Departments.
  • Activities relating to maintenance the Provincial Council Complex and the Restaurant Bill payments.
  • Preparation the budget speech & control report and preparation & provide  of census reports.
  • Matters relating to parliamentary questions and provincial council Questions
  • Responds to the audit queries and follow up.
  • Matters relating to requests of Council Secretariat and responds to the committee reports. 
  • Responds to the letters receiving from Finance Commission 
  • Coordinating Activities relating to Meetings,Seminars,Discussions & Celebrations. 
  • Accepting Circulars to the province issued by the Central government.
  • Responds to the quarries receiving from Parliamentary Committee, Public Petitions Committee, Ombudsman, Human Rights Commission Affairs &  related to issues raised by the Commission to Investigate Allegations of Bribery or Corruption
  • Arranging  secretary’s meetings.
  • Maintenance of  vehicles coming  under the Deputy Chief Secretary
  • Activities relating to acquisition of lands 
  • Functions relating to the Ranaviru Festival and related activities relating to the sale of Ranaviru Flags

Officers' Information

Assistant Chief Secretary (Admin)

Mrs Isurika Rathnayake

Disna Chandrasekara

Legal Officer

Deepani Premarathna

Legal Officer

Roshini Jayaratna

Legal Officer


Administrative Officer (Acting)


Chief Clark


Information Technology Officer


Information Technology Officer


Information Technology Assistant


Translator (Tamil/Sinhala)


Development Officer


Development Officer
Procurement activities of the provincial council secretary


Development Officer
Issuing Vehicle Permits


Development Officer
Activities relating to maintaining personal files of all Development Officers and graduate trainee


Development Officer
Activities relating to maintaining personal file of all legal officers,tax officers and it officers

Mr. D.H.P.Kumara

Development Officer


Development Officer
Disciplinary activities of employees who come under the disciplinary authority of chief secretary.
Coordinating disciplinary actions relating to officers of all island services


Development Officer


Development Officer


Development Officer


Development Officer


Management Assistant

Mrs N.W.C.Rathnapala

Management Assistant

Mr.K.P.Mahendra Rathne

Management Assistant


Management Assistant


Management Assistant


Management Assistant


Management Assistant


Management Assistant


Institutes of the Chief Secretary's office

Deputy Chief Secretary (Engineering Services)

Deliver a higher output and a qualitative service during a specific time frame contributing the technical consultancy and supervision for all the construction activities of the province.

Deputy Chief Secretary

Managing of the funds recived with well discipline manner and according to the estable polices, According and reporting as per accounting standard and advising to other institutions of the province as the chief finance manager of the province.

Deputy Chief Secretary
(Personnel & Training)

Creating a community oriented provincial public service employees who are capable of providing a productive service through innovating experiments, diversified programs, trainings, sophisticated technology and physical resources .

Deputy Chief Secretary

Lead and provide support services to the decision makers and all other organization with a proper planning process

Internal Audit Depeartment

Contribute to the development of the province by evaluating the efficiency and effectiveness of the economic transactions and assesssing the adequacy of the accounting procedures and system in the province

Provincial Revenue Depertment

Contribute to uplift the economical and social standard of general public in sabaragamuwa province by encouraging the tax payers to pay tax voluntarily and collecting tax through legal action from tax eviders.

Sub Units

ICT Unit

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Legal Division

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Translaters Unit

Sinhala / Tamil : Mr. K.H.B. Sananda - 0452223080
English : Attorny At Law D.K.L Gunathilaka - 0452232078

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