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Main Offices


Office of the Chief Secretary

Envisage a vigorous pre progression of sabaragamuwa by maneuvering all resources and guiding provincial public service in order to ensure good governance of sabaragamuwa community.

Phone : +94452231703
Phone : +94452228414

Office of the Deputy Chief Secretary (Financial Management)

Managing of the funds recived with well discipline manner and according to the estable polices, According and reporting as per accounting standard and advising to other institutions of the province as the chief finance manager of the province.

Phone : +94452231224
Phone : +94452228099

Office of the Deputy Chief Secretary (Engineering Service)

Deliver a higher output and a qualitative service during a specific time frame contributing the technical consultancy and supervision for all the construction activities of the province.

Phone : +94452225310
Phone : +94452222617

Office of the Deputy Chief Secretary (Personnel & Training)

Creating a community oriented provincial public service employees who are capable of providing a productive service through innovating experiments, diversified programs, trainings,sophisticated technology and physical resources required to create a human resource suitable for present and prospective public service by optimal utilization of the prevalling human and physical resources.

Office of the Deputy Chief Secretary (Planning)

Lead and provide support services to the decisionmakers and all other organization with a proper planning process

Phone : +94452223082
Phone : +94452222173

Internal Audit Department

Contribute to the development of the province by evaluating the efficiency and effectiveness of the economic transactions and assesssing the adequacy of the accounting procedures and system in the province

Phone : +94452222055
Phone : +94452231511

Provincial Revenue Department

Contribute to uplift the economical and social standard of general public in sabaragamuwa province by encouraging the tax payers to pay tax voluntarily and collecting tax through legal action from tax eviders.
Official Web site : www.revenuedeptsgp.com

Phone : +94452224500
Phone : +94452226918

The Governor's office

General implementation of the measures taken for the public welfare and the progress of the province by the protecting the identity of the province using physical and human resource productively with the proper guidance based on justice equality transparency.

Phone : +94452226746
Phone : +94452228056

Office of the Council Secretariat

Create the legal and physical background necessary to empower the legislature that comprising public representatives in order to gain the prosperity while blooming the sustainable expectations of the people of the sabaragamuwa province.
Official Web site : http://councilsec.sg.gov.lk

Phone : +94455671834
Phone : +94452232078

Provincial Public Service Commission

Build up sabaragamuwa public service with efficiency effective contented and disciplined public officers to fulfill social justice with dedication within the delegated powers.
Official Web site: www.psc.sg.gov.lk

Phone : +94452222379
Phone : +94452223227

Chief Ministry

Make proper the live of the people of sabaragamuwa and to build a well informed society through correct and true media and establishment of a well disciplined and peaceful society by planning human and physical resources with the maximum use of IT qualitative and quantative development of the health sector and regularize the local government sector presenting the policies of good governance,uplift the coperative sector, enhance the electricity and transport sector

Phone : +94452222277
Phone : +94452223377
Fax : +94452233830

Phone : +94452222590
Phone : +94452228437
Fax : +94452222247

Phone : +94452223147
Fax : +94452223147

Department of Corporative Development
Phone : +94452231866
Phone : +94452222168

Official Web site :
Phone : +94452222307
Phone : +9445222085

Phone : +94452226374
Fax : +94452226374
Email : cecspc1991@gmail.com
Appointed Officer – Mrs. D.W.S. Rajapaksha (0718738962)
Information Officer – Mrs. P.M.Y.P. Wijesekara (0718642522)

Phone : +94452262687
Phone : +94452264199
Fax : +94452262687

Ministry of Education, Cultural and Information Technology

Afford fair and equitable education opportunities for the children of the province along with the knowledge of information technology blending the physical and human resources equality and guide to protect nourish and respect the cultural heritages.

Official Web site :
Phone : +94452222403
Phone : +94452222184

Ministry of Land, Provincial Irrigation, Agriculture, Animal Production, Animal Health and Fisheries

Achieving sustainable development yjrough optimum utilization of Land, Provincial Irrigation, Agricultural, Animal production and animal health and inland fisheries activities by means of promoting living standards of the people of the province.

Phone : +94452226927
Phone : +94452226975
Fax : +94452228084

Phone : +94452222356
Phone : +9445222505
Fax : +94452230932

Phone : +94452228083
Phone : +94452222792
Fax : +94452222792

Ministry of Provincial Road Development, Rural Infrastructure, Tourism, Sports and Youth Affairs

Providing best quality road network infrastructure and tourism facilities to the community through financial, physical and technical assistance while providing necessary facilities and service to improve sports abilities and vocational training for youth ensuring economic and social enhancement in equitable manner.

Phone : +94453609956

Ministry of Social Welfare, Probation and Child Care, Rural Development and Rural Industries

Enhance living standards of the people of sabaragamuwa through extention of social welfare rehabilitation of mislead children and youth and make them good citizens, improvements rural development through the participatory development, promotion of traditional and medium scale industrialist.

Official Web Site: http://industrydept.sg.gov.lk

Phone : +94452222467
Phone : +94452222856

Phone : +94452231222
Phone : +94452226912
Fax : +94452231222

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