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Office of the Deputy Chief Secretary (Planning)

Our Vision

Noble Leader in Provincial Planning

Our Mission

Providing Guidance and Assistance to the Policymakers and all Institutions through a Systematic Planning Process in Order to Utilize Resources Efficiently and Effectively with the Aim of Achieving Sustainable Development and Living Standard of the People in the Sabaragamuwa Province.

Contact Details


Office of the Deputy Chief Secretary
( Planning)
Block A - Second Floor
Sabaragamuwa Provincial Council Complex
New Town
Sri Lanka







Information Act

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Mrs. Ranjani Jayakody

Chief Secretary




Mr. Parakrama Piyasena

Deputy Chief Secretary




Information Act - Responsive Officers

Appointed Officer

Mr. Parakrama Piyasena
Deputy Chief Secretary

Mobile : +94718714270

Phone : +94452223082

Fax : +94452223082

Email : parakramage@yahoo.com

Information Officer

Mr. G. D. J. K. Godage
Director (Planning)

Mobile : +94718714380

Phone : +94452233779

Fax : +94452222173

Email : godagegdjk@yahoo.com


Government to Citizen

Office of the Deputy Chief Secretary (Planning)

  • Provision of Data and Information
    • Providing social, economic and cultural data and information related to Sabaragamuwa Province.
    • Providing labor market and career guidance information
    • Collecting data and information on unemployed graduates and diploma holders in the province and maintaining relevant database for decision making purpose.
    • Maintaining the Provincial Information Center.
  • Services related to ensuring the Balanced Provincial Development
    • Identification of provincial capital needs to ensure a balanced development.
    • Preparation of project proposals and concept papers / calling project proposals from provincial Ministries.
    • Preparation of provincial development plans.
    • Getting the concurrence to implement development projects/programs
    • Allocation of funds to relevant Ministries to implement approved projects/programs
  • Services related to implementation of the Regional Development Plan
    • Calling development proposals from Hon. Members of Provincial Council
    • Calling financial estimates related to proposed projects from the implementing agencies
    • Checking the estimates.
    • Allocation of funds and releasing sanction notices to implementation agencies
  • Project monitoring and follow up activities related to development projects/ Programs
  • Organizing extracurricular and special programs on behalf of Provincial Council.
  • Provision of any information requested by stakeholders in a line with the Right to Information (RTI) Act.

Government to Employee

Office of the Deputy Chief Secretary (Planning)

  • Implementation of Human Resources Development Plan to improve capacities and capabilities of entire staff
  • Facilitating the staff to perform duties.
    • Providing stationaries
    • Providing technical facilities, information and communication facilities
    • Providing basic utilities
    • Maintaining a better office environment
  • Evaluating performance of employees.
  • Approving leaves as applicable.
  • Payment of salaries and allowances to all staff including internal and field level.
  • Any other services to staff

Government to Business

Office of the Deputy Chief Secretary (Planning)

  • Facilitation to promote Public Private Partnerships in the development process
  • Bridging the resource gap through local and foreign resources within the procurement plan.
  • Implementation of a Procurement plan to purchase,
    • Office stationaries.
    • Office equipment /furniture.
    • Electrical equipment / computer aided supplies.
    • Required vehicle parts and maintenance services for office vehicles.
  • Providing required logistics for meetings, workshops and programs
  • Reservation of public room facilities for workshops and special programs.
  • Provision of data and information needed for investors / business communities to their decision making purposes.

Government to Government

Office of the Deputy Chief Secretary (Planning)

  • Adherence to guidelines issued by regulatory agencies to ensure better transparency in the development process.
  • Progress reporting involved with,
    • Presidential Secretariat
    • District Coordination Committee
    • National Financial Commission
    • Any other line Ministries /Authorities.
  • Submission of information for preparation of budget speech.
  • Preparation and submission of annual provincial performance report to relevant authorities.
  • Preparation of the policy statement for the province.
  • Provision of data and information to relevant authorities.
  • Facilitation to flagship programs/projects
  • Assistance to the preparation of Annual Financial Statement and supplementary budgets as required.

Officers' Information

Mr. G. D. J. K. Godage
Director (Planning)


Mr. Sisira Premarathne
Assistant Director (Planning)


Mr. P. L. Susantha Dharmakeerthi
Assistant Director (Planning)


Ms. Swarna Wanniarachchi

Ms. R. D. P. F. Vijayalakshmi
Development Officer

Mr. D. H. P. Anuk Premarathna
Development Officer

Ms. K. B. Vineetha
Development Officer​

Ms. R. D. I. D. Ranwala
Management Service Officer

Mr. W. D. D. Vitharama
Management Service Officer

Mr. K. Asela Pushpakumara
Office Assistant

Mr. K. A. Yasapala

Ms. A. M. Nandani Maraliya
Deputy Director (Planning)


Ms. J. A. B. Renuka Jayalath
Assistant Director (Planning)


Ms. K. M. Hemali Bandara
Assistant Director (Planning)


Ms. J. M. P. Kumari
Statistical Officer

Ms. H. Shiromala Gunawardhana
Development Officer

Mr. A. D. Ranjith Thilakasiri
Development Officer

Mr. W. K. N. D. Danushka Kumara
Management Service Officer

Ms. A. D. Nimasha Dilani
Management Service Officer

Ms. Chamarika Indeewari Kiriella
Management Service Officer

Mr. B. A. R. R. Gunasekara
Office Assistant

Mr. Anuruddha Bandara
Assistant Director (Planning)


Mr. D. W. U Rajapaksha


Ms. R. K. Shanthi Nayana Gunathilaka
Chief Management Service Officer


Ms. P. K. Wathsala Samanmalee
Development Officer

Mr. C. Upul Erathnage
Development Officer

Ms. K. D. Uthpala Indeewari
Development Officer​

Ms. Subhashini Dasinhage
Management Service Officer

Ms. R. D. Rupika Priyadarshani
Management Service Officer

Mr. N. Pushpamal Gunasena
Information Technology Assistant

Mr. T. K. P. P. Sanjeewa

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